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The New TDS Weather Mobile App is Here!

TDS Weather has released a new mobile application that combines the nation’s most reliable weather model data with its in-house meteorologists’ expertise. The mobile application is FREE to download in the App Store and on Google Play and does NOT require a subscription to TDS’s Weather professional consulting services.

The mobile application includes the following features, which will be supplemented seasonally as expected weather conditions change:

  • Location-specific current conditions

  • Hourly and daily weather forecasts

  • National radar for current, past, and future precipitation

  • Satellite imagery (visible and infrared)

  • Air temperature, pavement temperature, and wind speed maps

  • Proximity alerts for lightning, hail, rain, and snow

  • National Weather Service watches and warnings alerts

  • National Hurricane Center forecasts and tropical spaghetti models

  • Custom alerts from TDS Weather meteorologists

  • Quick access to the TDS Weather blog and Midwest Weather Roundup newsletter

  • …and more!


Your user experience can be customized to fit your needs and visual preferences:

  • Enable push notifications for specific hazards

  • Enable location services for location-based alerts

  • Add up to 16 customizable locations to monitor

  • Dark and light base maps with adjustable opacity

  • Select from a variety of national data layers:

o   Radar

o   Satellite (visible or infrared)

o   Forecast precipitation

o   Forecast snowfall

o   Current temperatures

o   Current wind speeds

o   SPC Day 1, 2, or 3 outlooks

  • Add overlays:

o   Active alerts

o   Lightning

o   Storm tracks

o   Tropical tracks and spaghetti models

o   Earthquakes

o   Favorite locations

  • Choose between English or Metric units

  • Dark mode compatible


Download the app now!


The TDS Weather mobile app is perfect for on-the-go weather monitoring and staying ahead of hazardous conditions. If your company, event, or organization is in need of personalized weather consulting services including forecasts, lightning alerting, or forensic meteorologist services, please contact us at for more information!


Interested in Sponsoring the App?

It was important to us to keep the app FREE to all users with no pay wall or download fee. In order to support that effort, we're looking for a few companies or organizations to sponsor it! Your logo and linked information would be present on the app pages.


Thermodynamic Solutions (“TDS Weather”) provides professional weather consulting services to a variety of industries including: professional and minor league sports, snow removal and landscaping, golf courses and turf management, colleges and universities, and hospital networks. With nearly two decades of living and forecasting in the Ohio Valley region, our meteorologists provide custom, reliable forecasts that help clients SAVE and MAKE money in their daily operations. Our services include commercial and agricultural forecasting in the short and long ranges, lightning alerts and on-site hazardous weather monitoring, 24/7 on-call decision support services, forensic weather reporting, and more! For weather consulting inquiries, please contact us at

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