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Lightning Services

Put Safety First | Keep your staff and guests ahead of hazardous weather with location-specific lightning alerts and the fastest-updating high-resolution web-based radar available.

Location-Specific Alerting

Our location-based lightning alerts will keep your company or event ahead of impending hazardous weather. Additionally, our in-house high-definition radar for clients is top-of-the-line, and perfect for monitoring incoming weather.

Lightning Alerts

        - Real-time detection alerts including time, type of strike, and distance

- Optional lightning probability alerts

- Sent to text or e-mail

- Cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud

- High-resolution mapping overlaid with current radar

- Customizable distances, rings, and "all clear" timing

High-Definition Radar

​       - Lightning strikes with highlighted new strikes

       - Fastest-updating high-resolution web-based radar

       - Precipitation type and rates

       - Storm tracks and time of arrival forecasts

       - Live watch, warning, and advisory polygons and text

       - Current temperatures, wind speed, and direction

       - Storm reports and hazard markers

       - Full screen optimization for computer, phone, and tablet

       - Full animation, pan, and zoom options...and more!

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