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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I pay for weather when there are so many free sources?
    Most free sources, like downloadable weather apps, only provide automated weather model data. Automated weather apps are just that- they have no human input in the forecast and are solely based off of raw computer-generated data. This data is typically from the GFS model, one that is not usually very trustworthy, especially outside of 2-3 days regarding wintry precipitation. It often over-forecasts snowfall, and this data will change four times per day with each new model run. Another free source of weather information is broadcast television news. Many prospective clients tell us they currently watch multiple news stations in an attempt to get the best idea for a forecast. This method has multiple downfalls: A lot of time is wasted watching television when you have much more important things to be doing. Forecasts could vary significantly for one viewing area. This only adds to confusion. Even an attempt to average out the forecasts for your location may prove inaccurate. News producers sometimes have input in the forecast in an attempt to get more clicks or views. Television news stations will often over-sell forecasts as well, using popular buzz words to get your attention and following. There are no repercussions for bad forecasts, so accuracy is less important. When paying for a weather consulting service, you are paying for human knowledge and experience to be brought in to analyze weather model data, communicate the forecast, impacts, and risks, as well as increase confidence in your operational decisions.
  • What are the benefits of using a weather consulting service?
    The benefits of using a weather consulting service are numerous: Save valuable time by having a detailed, customized, non-automated forecasts sent directly to you. Weather consulting eliminates the need to watch multiple news broadcasts or check free weather apps by providing clearly-communicated forecasts and forecast risks. Save money on equipment, supplies, and man hours by making more educated decisions with reliable forecast information and the expertise of a meteorologist in your hand 24/7. Make money by not prematurely cancelling events or sending crews home because of inaccurate information. Keep your team and guests safe with expert analysis, on-site or on-call meteorologists, and lightning detection and prediction alerts. Bill your clients accurately with snow and ice reports certified by a meteorologist after a winter event ends. This includes typed storm summaries and snowfall totals at the zip code level. Additional forensic weather reports are available as well.
  • Why not just utilize the National Weather Service?
    The National Weather Service provides a variety of beneficial weather products to the public including daily forecasts, watches and warnings, and expected hourly conditions. However, we know that each organization and event is unique and we can tailor forecasts and information specific to your needs and safety criteria. On top of that, we also offer 24/7/365 on-call meteorologist services for clients to text, call, or e-mail day or night to assist in decision-making processes. This one-on-one communication is critical when quick decisions can cost you thousands.
  • How long after a snow event ends until I receive storm reports?
    Snowfall totals are prepared and input into the Reports Dashboard within 24-36 hours after the event ends. This period allows for all reports to be submitted through verified sources which only happens once per day. We do not use publicly-submitted snowfall totals or storm reports. Any source advertising faster snowfall totals would be utilizing radar estimated data or unverified information that should not be trusted for billing, insurance claims, or the like.
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