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2023 Content:

Canvas Rebel: Meet Joseph Cooper|
We were lucky to catch up with Joseph Cooper recently and have shared our conversation below.

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2022 Content:

Winter Weather Recap|
Learn what factors influenced this recent winter’s weather, and what the meteorological tea leaves say about next season’s cold and snowfall trends.

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2021 Content:

2021-22 Winter Weather Outlook|
The meteorological team from Thermodynamic Solutions (TDS) provides their analysis on what Mother Nature and La Nina could be brewing for the snow states this winter.


The National Weather Service Began as a Crowdsourcing Experiment|
Smithsonian Secretary Joseph Henry used an army of volunteers in what would eventually become the nation’s weather forecasting operation.

Wicked Winter Weather|
5 winter-weather phenomena you may not be aware of and may experience out in the field.

Reading the Tea Leaves|
With a fair probability for La Niña conditions this winter, the snow and ice industry could experience a cold and snowy season.


Twitter's Weather Subscription Service: Is it a bust? Insight from a Meteorologist|
Meteorologist Beth Carpenter offers her expert insight into Currently.


Editor's Notebook: 2020: Warmest Year on Record?|
Reflecting back on 2020, TDS' Beth Carpenter shares some weather data that puts the last year into perspective.


2020 Content:

Anatomy of a Nor’easter|
What goes into this significant real-life weather event often sounds a lot like science fiction. TDS Meteorologist Beth Carpenter separates fact from fiction of this week's major winter event.


What Could Winter 2020-21 Look Like?|
Thermodynamic Solutions meteorologists provide their snow and ice forecast for this coming season.


Editor's Notebook: New Winter “Normals”|
We’ll soon be entering a new meteorological climate period and what the last 30 years tells us about winter weather trends.


Editor's Notebook: Winter Wonderland?|
Should we bet the farm on predictions for La Nina conditions through Winter 2020-21?


Welcome to #wxtwitter, a confrontational yet productive weather workspace|
Navigating 'weather Twitter', the good and the bad (The Washington Post)


2019 Content:


Study says ‘specific’ weather forecasts can’t be made more than 10 days in advance|
Predicting long-range weather forecasts is not physically possible. However, for years AccuWeather has produced highly-specific 90 day forecasts. (The Washington Post)


Wacky Weather Predictions|
A look at whether there's any truth based in our popular weather sayings.


Getting a Grip|
Snow fighters share the lessons they learned overcoming adversity during a zany season of winter weather.


Goodbye, Winter?|
Don’t put those plows away just yet! Enjoy this week's warmup, says weather pro Beth Carpenter, but it'll be back to business as usual.


Busy Winter for the Windy City|
Since Christmas, Chicago has experienced some sort of precipitation during more than three-quarters of its days.

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