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Event Solutions

Prepare Staff and Protect Guests | Focus your efforts on providing a top-notch outdoor event and let us take the stress of the weather off of your shoulders.

Welcome to Our Event Solutions!

It's your largest event of the year, or the biggest day of your life. You're hoping for perfect weather conditions to enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, Mother Nature may have other plans. Our team of meteorologists specialize in providing location-specific pre-event forecasting and day-of weather monitoring to ensure your event goes off without a hitch and keeps your guests and staff safe. Event weather consulting packages are designed for all outdoor events, including fairs/festivals, weddings, concerts, races/competitions, and the like.

Included in Our Event Package


Location-Specific Forecast Briefings

- ​Current and evolving weather conditions

- Hazardous weather potential

- Temperature, wind, and precipitation information

- Important graphics visually detailing the forecast

Hourly Forecast Matrix

- Temperature

- Apparent temperature ("feels like")

- Sky conditions

- Precipitation chance (percent of coverage)

- Thunderstorm chance

- Humidity

- Wind speed, gusts, and direction


Available to Supplement your Package

High-Definition Radar*

- Fastest updating web-based radar available

- Full-screen optimization for desktop, tablet, and phone

- Precipitation types and rates

- Storm tracks and forecast time of arrival

- Storm reports and hazard markers

- Live watch, warning, and advisory polygons with text

- Current temperatures and wind direction and speed

- Full animation, pan, and zoom options...and more!

Lightning Alerts

        - Real-time detection alerts including time, type of strike, and distance

- Optional lightning probability alerts

- Sent to text or e-mail

- Cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud

- High-resolution mapping overlaid with current radar

- Customizable distances, rings, and "all clear" timing

24/7/365 On-Call Meteorologists*

- Access to two meteorologists around the clock

- Answer forecast questions and provide decision support

- Additional information on evolving weather conditions

On-Site Meteorologists*

- Access to two meteorologists for on-site forecasting and monitoring of weather conditions

- Imperative for large outdoor events

Long Range Event Planning Analysis*

- Normal weather conditions for the event date

- Extreme weather conditions for the event date

- Long range weather outlook

Post-Event Weather Summary*

- Detailed overview of observed weather conditions
- Start and end times of precipitation and types
- Rain and/or snow totals
- High, low, and apparent temperatures
- Wind speeds and directions
- Additional hazards (lightning, hail, fog, damage) 
- Generated 24-48 hours after the event

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Holding Phones
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*Items with an asterisk are optional products for an additional cost upon request. We strive to have personal relationships with each of our clients, and would love to help you create a custom consulting package tailored to your needs.
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