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Welcome to Our Agriculture Package!
The agricultural forecast option is specifically offered for farmers, seed companies, commodity traders, and the like, who need accurate and reliable short term forecasts, as well as weekly and monthly temperature and precipitation outlooks. Listed below are the items included in the Ag forecasting package.

Daily Forecast Video

​     -  Current and evolving weather conditions

     -  Forecast for the next 3-4 days in extreme detail

     -  Overview of the next week

     -  Timing and location of precipitation

     -  Issued daily Mon-Fri, and as needed on weekends

Daily Forecast Blog

     -  Key points mentioned in the video

     -  Important graphics detailing the forecast

     -  Issued daily Mon-Fri, and as needed on weekends

Daily 7-Day Forecasts

     -  High and low temperature

     -  Precipitation chances (percent of coverage)

     -  Sky conditions

     -  Model average 7-day precipitation total

     -  Issued daily Mon-Fri

Ag-Specific Long-Range Forecast Video and Notes

     -  Overview of the weather pattern for the next month

     -  Precipitation and temperature trends

     -  Indications of significant systems

     -  Issued twice-weekly on Mondays and Thursdays

Custom Temperature and Precipitation Outlooks

     -  Day 1-7 Outlook

     -  Day 8-14 Outlook

     -  30-Day Outlook

     -  Issued twice-weekly on Mondays and Thursdays

High-Definition Radar*

     -  Fastest updating radar available

     -  Full screen optimization for desktop, tablet, and phone

     -  Precipitation type and rates

     -  Storm tracks and forecast time of arrival

     -  Storm reports and hazard markers

     -  Live watch, warning, and advisory polygons with text

     -  Current temperatures and wind direction and speed

     -  Full animation, pan, and zoom options...and more!

Forecast Video.JPG
Indy 7-Day.png
Long Range.JPG
Long Range Precip.png
*Items with an asterisk are optional products for an additional cost upon request. We strive to have personal relationships with each of our clients, and would love to help you create a custom commercial package tailored to your needs. Please e-mail us if interested!
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