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The Hottest Temperatures Of 2024 Are Expected Next Week!

After a brief taste of summer temperatures across the Midwest today, a cold front moving through the region will bring cooler conditions tomorrow. High temperatures tomorrow are forecast to be 5-15° cooler than today across the region. However, this cool-down won’t last long, as the hottest air of the year is expected for Father’s Day and next week.



While troughing will be present tomorrow into Saturday across the eastern United States, it is forecast to be quickly replaced by a strong upper-level ridge. This ridge will start building across the eastern sections of the nation late this weekend through next week.

Under this ridge, a very hot and humid airmass will be in place, allowing temperatures to soar into the 90s for many across the eastern United States! However, the air temperature won’t be the only concern. Dew points will rise into the 60s and 70s across the Midwest next week. The high moisture content and hot air will result in Heat Index values in the upper 90s to low 100s. These conditions pose an increasing threat of heat-related illnesses.



The Weather Prediction Center has placed much of the Midwest at a level 4 (major) and level 5 (Extreme) risk of heat-related impacts next week. This means that people susceptible to heat impacts—such as those working outdoors, the elderly or very young, anyone performing strenuous outdoor activities, or those without a source of hydration or cooling—should closely monitor the forecast.

Upper-level ridging will persist late next week into the following weekend, meaning the heat will likely linger for an extended period. However, data suggests that the upper-level ridge may shift slightly further west toward days 7-9. As the upper-level flow turns more northwesterly in the longer range, thunderstorm clusters could form around the dome of hot air. These clusters are notorious for producing severe winds across the Midwest and will be another hazard to watch out for later in the period.

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