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Rare Severe Weather Outbreak Expected Across Eastern United States Today!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Conditions are coming together across portions of the eastern United States for a widespread severe weather outbreak today. The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has placed Virginia, Central and southern West Virginia, Maryland, Eastern Tennessee, Eastern Kentucky, Southeast Pennsylvania, Western and central North Carolina, District of Columbia, Western South Carolina, Northern Georgia, and Delaware in a Moderate Risk (level 4/5) for severe weather. While damaging winds are the greatest threat with some being significant (70+ mph), large hail, and even tornadoes are also possible!

Over 45 million people are encompassed within the Moderate Risk are, a with over 13 million people in the area where significant severe winds are possible. This will include cities such as Baltimore, MD; Washington D.C.; Arlington, VA; Alexandria, MD; and more! The Enhanced severe weather risk extends even further outside of this area from southern portions of New York state all the way into central Georgia and includes areas from Binghamton, NY to Raleigh, NC and south to Macon, GA!

As of 1:00 pm EDT, Tornado Watches have been hoisted from portions of southern OH into southwest Pennsylvania and southward across portions of the Appalachians. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in place across portions of northern Alabama and Georgia as well!

Today’s severe weather is supported by a short-wave trough moving through the eastern U.S. This wave will be accompanied by very strong winds from the surface through the mid-levels of the atmosphere. Instability will increase across the eastern United States through the afternoon into evening, giving thunderstorms the fuel they need to develop.

Severe weather is expected to continue to develop through the rest of the afternoon into the evening across the Enhanced and Moderate risk areas. If you are in these areas, please have a way to receive severe weather watches and warnings. You can also view the latest weather information at!


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