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Strong Nor'easter to Impact New England

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

A very strong low pressure system off the coast of the Carolinas resembles what many think looks like a hurricane on satellite imagery this morning. This large system will ride up the eastern coast of the United States over the next 2-3 days, bringing flooding, high surf, and gusty winds to the coast.

There are already Coastal Flood Warnings and Flood Advisories along the entire length of the coast, along with Gale Warnings.

The more significant impacts from the system will be felt across New England as it meets colder air and becomes a “Nor’easter”. A nor’easter is an extratropical (non- or post-tropical) cyclone in the northwestern Atlantic that frequently brings strong northeasterly winds to the Atlantic coasts of the United States and Canada.

Once in the New England area, a transition from rainfall, to a wintry mix, to snowfall will occur across the interior Monday night through Tuesday. With the latest NDFD data, widespread snowfall of 1-2” or less is expected, but higher amounts of up to 6” will be possible in northern Maine.

Additionally, the WPC indicates the potential for 0.10-0.25” of freezing rain. The amounts and locations of these impacts will be highly dependent on the exact track of the low as it pushes north. Wintry impacts will be lessened if the storm does not hug the coast as tightly in the northeast.

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