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Benefits of Utilizing a Weather Consulting Service

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

If you’ve used a weather consulting service before, you’re well aware of the benefits. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on information that could save your company thousands per winter event. Here’s how:

Accurate and reliable forecasts are a necessary part of handling snow and ice removal operations. Most people we talk to say they currently use an automated weather app on their phone, or watch multiple news stations to try to get an idea of what’s going to happen. There are several downfalls to these methods. First, automated weather apps are just that- they have no human input into the forecast and are solely based off of raw computer-generated data. This data is from the GFS model, one that is not usually very trustworthy, especially outside of 2-3 days regarding wintry precipitation. It often over-forecasts snowfall, and this data will change four times per day with each new model run. For example, the app could say you’ll see 4-6” in the morning, and change to 6-8 by lunch, then back to 3-6” in the evening, and so on. How are you supposed to figure out which to believe? You can’t simply prepare for somewhere between 3 and 8 inches of snowfall. Similar issues arise with watching multiple news stations in an attempt to find an “average” forecast. In Indianapolis for example, there are five major news stations. That means you could have five different forecasts to monitor, which takes a lot of time and may just confuse you further.

Another benefit of having a weather consulting service as part of your operations is that we can aid in decision-making processes. We’re able to be reached 24/7/365 via call, text, or e-mail to further break down the forecast for your location, help with staffing decisions, and provide information to keep your crews safe and ahead of the weather. This allows you to focus on YOUR clients and operations, and less on the stress of figuring out what Mother Nature is going to do.

Lastly, when the snow ends, our job for you is only half complete. After each event ends, regardless of amount, we can provide you with snow and ice totals certified by our meteorologists. This allows you to accurately bill your clients, and justify these in a court trial if you don’t get paid. We also provide storm summaries to clients that many keep on file in case of an insurance claim. These summaries include information on temperatures, timing of changeovers of precipitation, winds, and more.

A summary of our winter consulting services is below:

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