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Snow Magazine
Welcome to Our State Subscription!
The state-specific forecast option is offered for weather enthusiasts and those interested in learning about forecasting and the coming weather patterns and events. This consulting package is much more in-depth and comprehensive. It is against our terms and conditions to use this service for a business or organization.

Daily Forecast Video

​     -  Current and evolving weather conditions

     -  Forecast for the next 3-4 days in extreme detail

     -  Overview of the next week

     -  Temperature and precipitation information

     -  Issued daily Mon-Fri, and as needed on weekends

Daily Forecast Blog

     -  Key points mentioned in the video

     -  Important graphics detailing the forecast

     -  Issued daily Mon-Fri, and as needed on weekends

Daily 7-Day Forecasts

     -  High and low temperature

     -  Precipitation chances (percent of coverage)

     -  Sky conditions

     -  Model average 7-day precipitation total

     -  Issued daily Mon-Fri

Daily Hazardous Risk Analysis

     -  Custom-made hazardous weather map

     -  Includes outlooks for winter weather, tropical weather,           severe weather, flooding, and more

     -  Issued daily Mon-Fri

Custom Snowfall Forecasts

     -  Hand-made snowfall forecast for the Ohio Valley

     -  Issued Mon-Fri and weekends when needed 

Weekly Long-Range Forecast Video

     -  Overview of the weather pattern for the next month

     -  Precipitation and temperature trends

     -  Indications of significant systems

     -  Issued every Thursday afternoon

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