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What's Unique About Winter Storm Lucian|

Meteorologist Beth Carpenter outlines some interesting facts about how rare this event is for the Chicagoland market.

Busy Winter for the Windy City|

Since Christmas, Chicago has experienced some sort of precipitation during more than three-quarters of its days.

Three Things Meteorologists Want You To Know|

Weather guru Beth Carpenter tackles three common questions snow contractors have about winter forecasts.

The Blast Is Back|

Expect frigid temps and some accumulation across the Upper Midwest late week and into the weekend, says meteorologist Beth Carpenter.

In Like A Lion|

Picking up where February left off, it's winter business as usual. Meteorologist Beth Carpenter outlines why it's so difficult to predict in March.

Goodbye, Winter?|

"Winter Storm Ulmer" is expected to be the strongest low-pressure system to ever develop in Kansas and will bring blizzard conditions to much of the central and northern Plains Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

Getting a Grip|

Snow fighters share the lessons they learned overcoming adversity during a zany season of winter weather.

Wacky Weather Predictions|

A look at whether there's any truth based in our popular weather sayings.

Fact or Fiction|

Meteorologist and contributing editor Beth Carpenter crunches the data to determine if the industry’s belief in the three-year winter cycle has merit.

Podcast: Forecasting Winter|

Meteorologists Beth Carpenter and Joseph Cooper share insights on the winter weather, as well as how to better use winter data in your snow ops.