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Editor's Notebook: Winter Wonderland?|

Should we bet the farm on predictions for La Nina conditions through Winter 2020-21?


Editor's Notebook: New Winter “Normals”|

We’ll soon be entering a new meteorological climate period and what the last 30 years tells us about winter weather trends.


What Could Winter 2020-21 Look Like?|

Thermodynamic Solutions meteorologists provide their snow and ice forecast for this coming season.


Anatomy of a Nor’easter|

What goes into this significant real-life weather event often sounds a lot like science fiction. TDS Meteorologist Beth Carpenter separates fact from fiction of this week's major winter event.


Editor's Notebook: 2020: Warmest Year on Record?|

Reflecting back on 2020, TDS' Beth Carpenter shares some weather data that puts the last year into perspective.