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Thermodynamic Solutions LLC was founded in 2016 by Joseph (JT) Cooper and Beth Carpenter. Both JT and Beth were born and raised in central Indiana, and were fascinated by weather from a very young age. Their fascination and passion for weather drove them to study meteorology in college and to pursue Private Meteorological Consulting as a career. Combined, they have over 15 years of forecasting experience in the Ohio Valley. 
Thermodynamic Solutions LLC strives to provide the most accurate forecasts to individuals and businesses alike. Whether you're in need of a quick out-the-door forecast for your day, or if your business or organization depends on accurate and detailed weather information on a daily basis, our services can be customized to fit your needs! We have experience consulting for various industries including Minor League Baseball stadiums, NFL training camp, hospital networks, snow removal and landscaping, schools, farmers, golf courses, outdoor event/sports venues, and more!
Our current service area includes Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. We hope to expand further into the Midwest soon!

Meet Us!

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Joseph Cooper (JT)
Founder and Meteorologist

JT studied Meteorology first at the College of DuPage and then completed the Broadcast and Operational Meteorology Program at Mississippi State University. He has always had a passion and love for weather, especially severe weather. Supercells and tornadoes have always fascinated him and it's something he can never get enough of. He decided to turn that passion into a career, and was a Consulting Meteorologist for over two and a half years, before co-founding his own private meteorological consulting company. JT has been storm chasing for 16 years now, and has over a decade of forecasting experience. He interned at WISH-TV 8 in Indianapolis under Meteorologists Ken Brewer and Robb Ellis. He is also a co-founder of the C-C Index, a tornado forecasting parameter that is currently in testing. In his free time, JT enjoys going on adventures, exploring, storm chasing, traveling, golfing, and fishing. JT founded the Indiana Storm Chaser's Convention (INChaserCon) in 2011. He is a die-hard Indiana University men's basketball fan and does not miss a game. Go Hoosiers! Curriculum Vitae

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Beth Carpenter
Founder and Meteorologist

Beth has a B.S in Professional Meteorology and Climatology from Ball State University, with a minor in Geographic Information Systems. She became interested in studying meteorology after a tornado ripped through the back yard of her family's Race Day weekend cookout in 2004. Some of her hobbies include storm chasing, photography, conducting paranormal investigations, golfing, fishing, and traveling. Beth has been storm chasing for 6 years and also has 5 years of forecasting experience. She issued daily forecasts on her website The Forecast Carpenter for 2 years, before co-founding her own private meteorological consulting company. She interned under Chief Meteorologist Brian Wilkes at FOX59 WXIN Indianapolis for a year, and also interned at the National Weather Service Indianapolis. She is a co-founder of the C-C Index. Each year, Beth also hosts the annual Indiana Storm Chaser's Convention in Indianapolis. Information on that can be found at Curriculum Vitae

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